April Fool's Special: Fool Me Twice

Communications Officer Frank Orson is up to no good this April 1st, having spent all night preparing unique practical japery. Join Orson and his commanding officer as they survey the chaos that unfolds on the UNSS Delos.

Written, and edited by Doug Marshall, with the voice talents of Timber Kataigida of Crypt Patrol as Commander Lucille Bernard, Bobby “Bee” Montelongo of the Frost Walkers Podcast as Dr. Hernando Alvarez, Sam F. aka AFearsomeArtisan (also of the Frost Walkers Podcast) as Anna Ivanovich, and myself as both Frank Orson and CYGNA. All sound effects are original content except the bulkhead, which is Creative Commons content from SoundBible.
Theme music is a modified version of Glow in Space by Sergey Cheremisinov, accessed via the Free Music Archive.
Special thanks to WorldAnvil and its creators, Dimitris and Janet, without whom this project might not have come to pass. Special thanks as well to the crew behind Station Blue, an isolation horror podcast set in an Antarctic research station, for so kindly giving our show a shoutout on Twitter.
Audio file hosted on Miroware Pipe, a project by Grant Gryczan.
Show transcript can be found here.