The Escape Artists

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The Escape Artists is a TTRPG actual-play podcast currently playing through a homebrew campaign using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition RPG system.


Setting Resource


Death And All His Friends

Set in the fantastical and diverse world of Aedrynn, the group’s first campaign explores themes of mortality, morality, and family, both lost and found.


Welcome to the planet Aedrynn, an Earthlike terrestrial world on the Mundane plane, with three moons and a dusty ring system gracing its night skies. Aedrynn is a world of no particular renown. Or at least, it wasn’t, until now...


Doug “Spyglass” Marshall
Dungeon Master

Lexie V.
Katita Fahari

Jason McElroy
Saturn Dolorem

Will Frae
Runan Fleetfoot

Dakota “Delta” J.
Dyra O’Lux


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Release Date: Spring 2019

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