Episode 1: Prologue

The curator of SR’s audio archives, the Heuristic Onboard Managing Electronic Researcher (H.O.M.E.R.), gives us wanderers a quick introduction to the earlier milestones of human spaceflight.

Written and edited by Doug Marshall, with the voice talents of Cas Johnson of the 20-Sides Adventures podcast as Commander Aly Wilson, Timber Kataigida of Crypt Patrol as Commander Tegan Calder, and Doug Marshall as H.O.M.E.R. Apollo 11 audio clip courtesy of NASA. All sound effects are original content except the alarm, which is Creative Commons content from SoundBible.
Theme music is a modified version of Glow in Space by Sergey Cheremisinov, accessed via the Free Music Archive.
Special thanks to WorldAnvil and its creators, Dimitris and Janet, without whom this project might not have come to pass.
Audio file hosted on Miroware Pipe, a project by Grant Gryczan.
Show transcript can be found here.